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Eberlein Innovations EOOD is a R&D enterprise focused on the MEC standard of shopping carts and transport trolleys and associated IT solutions. Eberlein Innovations EOOD supports manufacturers, distributors, operators, and maintenance providers.


MEC standard


A trolley shall be deemed to comply with MEC standard if:

  1. The trolley complies with European standard EN1929-1, -2, -3, -4, -7.

  2. The trolley has a first, space-saving nesting increment for transportation and storage and a second nesting increment for use in a retail store.

  3. The first and second nesting increments are standardised depending only on wheel diameter.

  4. Two chassis of two trolleys do not touch in the process of nesting.

  5. In a space-saving arrangement within a common region a first wire grid, used for closing the basket rear side, and a second wire grid, used as back rest of a child seat, occupy not more space than the basket flap alone.




Based in the UK, innovation-driven Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd raises technical and environmental standards of shopping carts as well as efficiency of fleet management. Known as the Sassy Shopper range, the new trolleys excel with lightness of steering, space-saving capabilities and longer life.


The Russian manufacturer of MEC standard trolleys, Kifato MK tops the

industry with fastest pace of technological innovation and use of

advanced equipment. Only two years after the first trolleys were shipped

in late 2014, shopping carts made by Kifato MK are the top brand and

market-leading product in Russia.



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