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The Sassy Shopper

The Sassy Shopper range of Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd is a MEC standard trolley range. All designed in compliance with EN 1929-1, -2, -3, -4, -7, the Sassy Shopper range reduces retailers costs for sourcing, storage, distribution and maintenance. The design supports both manufacturing and transportation efficiencies.

Based in the UK, innovation-driven Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd raises technical and environmental standards of shopping carts as well as efficiency of fleet management. Known as the Sassy Shopper range, the new trolleys excel with lightness of steering, space-saving capabilities and longer life.











Key features


Unique and elegant design


Compliance with the MEC standard gives the Sassy Shopper a recognisable, unique and elegant design and feel. Being the first thing to be touched by a customer, a MEC standard shopping cart is a must-have for a retailer committed to offering the best.






Lighter feel


An improved chassis design with castors placed closer to the force coupled with a lower point of gravity gives the trolley a lighter feel with much improved manoeuvrability particularly when loaded. Steering is further improved and made easier through the placement of handles behind the rear castors which also enhances performance and safety when used on travelator.




With a nesting increment close to the diameter of the wheel in transportation, it is possible to almost double the quantity of trolleys in a container. This supports global cost efficient manufacturing and transportation over great distances. In case of trolleys equipped with 125mm wheels, the nesting distance reverts to 187mm once de-nested for use in store, therefore reducing required trolley storage area and the number of trolley shelters needed. With a 100mm wheel diameter, instore nesting increment is only 150mm, and with 75mm wheel diameter of the smallest models, nesting increment drops to a mere 85mm. At mentioned nesting increments the Sassy Shoppers are also safe and easy to move with no „castor clash“.











Non Touching


X-frame chassis designed to have no metal to metal contact as opposed to standard trolleys currently in the marketplace. The Sassy offers no point of contact during nesting and de-nesting, therefore the surface finish benefits from increased longevity as abrasion caused by such contact does not occur. As such trolleys can be supplied with color coated chassis appropriate to a retailers corporate identity without the risk of early rusting.

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