Reinventing shopping


The idtrolley concept offers an innovative trolley management system in conjunction with a redefined shopping experience. Its potential to achieve two seemingly unrelated goals with a single tool is described in the international patent application no. WO2016/019936 A2.

A first known trolley management system is trolley collection service offered to customers of retail stores. Although customer-friendly, associated labour costs are prohibitive in many retail environments.

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A second known trolley management system is the coin lock. Customers of retail stores insert a coin into the coin lock when releasing a trolley and get the coin back by returning the trolley to a stack of likewise trolleys. With growing popularity of cashless payment, coin locks are increasingly becoming a thing of the past.


The idtrolley concept is a third and new solution incentivising trolley management by customers themselves in return for a redefined shopping experience.


How does idtrolley work?


The technical means are

  • an app on the smartphone of each customer

  • a barcoded unique ID printed on the handle of each trolley

  • a backend server


The smartphone is used for scanning the trolley ID, in this way creating data of trolleys been taken from and returned to stacks. The backend server processes these data in such way that movement of trolleys to and from stacks is known. Customers are motivated to scan by getting secure access to and secure logout from a personalised shopping process facilitated by the app. MORE...


Benefits to customers of retail stores:


  • a personalised shopping experience defined and managed by the customer, enabled through personal app settings in conjunction with identifying a store through a trolley ID

  • a single app to use in all retail locations and with all kinds of trolleys

  • no need to carry coins for use of a coin lock

  • privacy guaranteed by the fact that the app & backend functions do not use and do not depend on personal data


Benefits to retailers:


  • the possibility for different retailers to offer different and competing customer benefits, all on a single platform of basic app & backend functions

  • maximum freedom for retailers to tailor the shopping process itself which is in no way restricted by the basic app & backend functions

  • a customer communication channel for information and feedback tailored to a store location and shopping time

  • a personalised ad channel avoiding customer concerns and resistance by putting customers in charge of actively starting and ending it

  • motivating taking and return of trolleys at collection points instead of forced behaviour by means of a coin lock

  • high tolerance of the app & backend functions regarding user mistakes and non-use, achieving goals with a realistic less than 100% customers using idtrolley


Benefits to manufacturers of trolleys:


  • real-time anonymous use data provide information about various aspects of trolley use such as expected remaining lifetime projection, anticipation of service needs, detection of quality problems, detection of re-fleeting needs, customer preferences of certain trolley models, and much more


Benefits to trolley maintenance providers:


  • service history and lifetime cost of individual trolleys are transparent

  • data-driven scheduling of service visits instead of regular schedules involving many unnecessary visits

  • high efficiency of reporting and billing of service




  • makes electronics on the trolley or at trolley collection points unnecessary by using computing power of the customer's smartphone.

  • makes employed human labour and coin locks redundant

  • increases efficiency of trolley maintenance

  • reduces costs of trolley supply logistics and quality control

  • multiple additional operational efficiency gains for retailers, trolley manufacturers and service providers




  • generates ad revenues

  • generates additional turnover for retailers successfully implementing idtrolley as a shopping tool


Make it work:


idtrolley currently exists as a working proof-of-concept prototype.


You are interested, want to know more, want to trial or implement the idtrolley concept in your retail operation? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. Retailers, manufacturers, service providers, developers, advertisers, marketers - anybody able and willing to contribute is welcome to participate in reinventing shopping.